Patrick McNeill

I am a self-taught photographer from Winnipeg, Canada currently living in Ottawa, Canada. Photography and travel are two of my major passions in life and they pair together quite well. In terms of content, I simply gravitate toward what I want to photograph without thinking about it too much. There aren’t any political messages I’m trying to convey or any causes that I’m championing; I’m simply trying to create great images.

I am always trying make my photos as technically perfect as I can make them. I have not joined the group of photographers that heavily process their images on the computer. Almost every photo you see here is a single shot, and edits are fairly minimal in Lightroom. Other photographers do significant editing, piecing together a photo from many different images, sometimes even adding different skies, or creating light that was not there. There is great debate on this in the photographic community, but to me that's more graphic design than photography. Unfortunately for me, it means that if conditions aren't right I have to return again another day, or if I can't, the photo simply won't make it onto my website.

I have had my photos featured in Canadian Geographic Magazine and calendars, Photolife Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, Metro News, and various other publications.

Only a select few photos make it through my selection process to be on this site. However, if you’re interested in seeing more of my photos you can visit my Flickr page or my Instagram page where I post images each week. Feel free to send me an email with any comments or questions through the contact link on the left side menu.

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